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    May Simpkin is a qualified UK-registered Nutritional Therapist & author.

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Work with May

Work with May

Discover more about May and let her share with you a simple, no-nonsense approach to healthy eating.

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Did You Know

Read May’s latest evidence based health updates and blog posts offering practical tips & advice.

May's Latest Events

May's Latest Events

Join May on one of her workshops where she will provide nutritional guidance and ideas to empower you to take care of your health, restoring vitality and energy.


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What May's clients are saying



I was impressed by your service, and will certainly recommend you to any of my friends requiring a nutritionist. Many thanks.



I thought I ate healthily, but my visits to May really opened my eyes a bit further, and some of the things that you think are healthy are not so! May really encouraged me to add variety and to change some of my habits. It surprising how the body can adapt to new things and get hooked on really healthy foods! Thank you May

Dorie Taylor

Esher, Surrey

May’s knowledge and passion for nutrition sets her apart from any other nutritionist I have worked with. During the initial interview, she listens attentively to her clients unique health history and artfully contours a nutrition plan that is not only healthy but delicious and easy to fit into any busy lifestyle.


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Sweet Potato Frittata

Gluten Free, Easy Sweet Potato Frittata

This flourless Sweet Potato Frittata is an easy, nutritious snack that you can prepare in advance, so it’s ready to grab when you’re […]

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Aubergine and Chickpea Moussaka

Replacing lamb mince with chickpeas and roasted red peppers in this twist on the original recipe, makes this Aubergine, Red […]

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Cauliflower rice

Indian Inspired Cauliflower and Quinoa Rice

This spicy Cauliflower rice is a fabulous no carb, very low calorie choice that is not only delicious but a […]

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Binge eating before midday - 5 ways to get back on track

Binge eating before midday? An unhealthy morning of breakfast treats doesn’t mean your healthy diet is over, says our No-Nonsense […]

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Need more energy?

Want more energy? Eat to support your Thyroid

Want more energy? Tired all the time? It could be that you need to eat to support your thyroid gland. […]

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Lack of sleep

Are you Sleep Deprived? Here's what happens...

Have you ever wondered why a bad night’s sleep sees you reaching for the caffeine and sugar the following day?

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Hungry all the time? Discover some of the reasons and May’s key tips and advice to ensure you get through your day without the constant rumbling.

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