May Simpkin discusses Donald Trump's Diet of Macdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burgers

Donald Trump’s Diet; how bad is bad?

As President of the United States of America, Donald Trump could and should be setting an example to a nation which epitomises the global obesity epidemic; 38% of it’s adults classed as clinically obese as well as 17% of its teenagers. Clinically obese, as opposed to Obese moves your health status into a dangerous category […]

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Easy healthy cooking recipes ideas to stay on track with your Thermomix

4 EASY changes guaranteed to keep you on track with your New Year intentions

With the festive season firmly behind us and your resolve to lead a healthier 2017 (hopefully) still strong, there’s no better time to take a moment to consider an approach that is sustainable and therefore rewarding. Rather than focusing on what you can take away or restrict, considering what you’d like to add or increase is far […]

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Hungry all the time? Discover some of the reasons and May’s key tips and advice to ensure you get through your day without the constant rumbling.

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